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Biological Products:



Bioaugmentation products for Wastewater applications in Papermills, Refineries, Chemical, Tanneries, Municipalities, Textiles, Steel, Agriculture, Animal feedlot,  Gun Powder plant, Food and Beverage- Dairy Products, Orange Juice factory, Wineries, Cookie factory, Vegetable processing plant, Meat packing, Barbecue Restaurant, Aquaculture, Ornamental Ponds for algae control, CAFO, Nursing homes, Military, Campgrounds, Universities, Regulatory agencies



Lab Services:



Filamentous Identification Lab Service. One reason to identify filaments is to determine the filaments characteristics and then determine the type present.  If the type is found out, a root cause can usually be associated with a particular filament.  If the cause is known, then a correction can be made to alleviate problems. Chlorination is only a quick fix.  Without process changes, filaments will grow back after chlorination.

Wastewater Biomass Analyses and Cooling Tower Analyses also available


Training Materials:



Training is an integral part of any job. Not everyone is at the same level of training. Many people want beginning concepts and basics. Some need technical information or troubleshooting. Some want equipment, technology or process information.

We have developed a full set of Basic training, Advanced training, Filamentous Identification the Easy Way as well as custom training CD's Manuals. We also provide hands-on training classes and soon will have an Online "E-University".


Audits and Consulting:


At Environmental Leverage® Inc., we have a team of experienced individuals who come into your plant with a fresh pair of eyes.  The system is checked from influent to effluent.  System optimization, equipment efficiency and operational excellence are key components explored. Key Benefits Equipment efficiency Total Cost of Operation reductions Reliability and safety

An onsite audit is conducted to examine system parameters, process controls, and current monitor and control procedures. A physical walk-through is conducted, process flow diagrams are examined, previous design criteria are examined and current standard operating procedures are evaluated along with data logs.




Industry Wastewater Troubleshooting - Virtual Audits

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We have just added "Virtual Audits" to our capabilities. Check out our new Services.  We are in the process of developing new courses for our ""Online E-University" in order to meet the needs of our global customers that cannot travel to our public classes.Visit our new website

Wastewater Training  

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Wastewater Audits and Troubleshooting - Virtual  vs. Onsite


Today, major companies are focused on the bottom line- Sustainable development, gaining profitable market share and increasing their customer's loyalty are key issues that management must continually track and improve.

Production costs, maintenance costs, environmental liability and operational safety are key areas where improvements and optimization help deliver these goals. Adding value to your operations and hitting on these areas is our goal at Environmental Leverage. Bringing you the latest technology to save you time and money are critical to the success of your WASTEWATER operation.



Environmental Leverage Wastewater Auditpapermill auditpapermill wastewater audit

Key Benefits:

Total Cost of Wastewater Operation Reductions

System Reliability & Sustainability

Environmental Compliance

Increase Competitive Edge

Improve Operational Safety

Solids Handling Optimization

BOD.TSS Removal Enhancement



At Environmental Leverage® Inc., we offer a number of services to complement your existing level of expertise. Trained professionals will bring the latest technology and innovations to your site to help you develope sound business solutions to help you improve your bottom line. Wastewater Training is key in operating a wastewater treatment plant.


Wastewater Audits

Smooth operation of a wastewater treatment plant is critical. Environmental compliance is a must. Wastewater Operational costs are skyrocketing with new environmental regulations. A complete audit of your wastewater treatment plant can help identify opportunity areas for improvement. Troubleshooting minor problems, offering wastewater training and implementing wastewater process changes can help avoid major problems.

For more information see detailed descriptions below of each service.Environmental Leverage Wastewater Bio Bacteria

Services: Typical amount of time required
Environmental Consulting TBD based upon need
Troubleshooting 1-2 days
Wastewater Training TBD based upon need
Wastewater Audits 1-2 days onsite- 1-2 days write-up offsite
Total System Audits 1-2 weeks (team required)
Beneficial Reuse TBD based upon need
Advanced Technical Training TBD based upon need
Benchmark development 1-2 days
Onsite Operations Manual Development One to two weeks
Mass Balance Program One to two weeks
Operator Safety Training 1-2 days
Energy conservation TBD based upon need


In order to "Audit" or Troubleshoot a waste treatment plant, a number of things need to be looked at.


Microscopic analysesA physical walk-through of the wastewater treatment plant needs to be conducted with visual observations noted.

A Microscopic analyses of the Biological portion of the wastewater treatment system needs to be conducted.Settleometer

Settleometer Testing needs to be conducted

A sludge judge should be used on a Clarifier

Examination of lab data- current testing procedures and results

Walk through and correlation of process side to wastewater treatment plant operations

A fully detailed final report is issued with process recommendations, system changes, areas for optimization and increased efficiency.


papermill audits

 'Virtual Audits'

Is the cost of hiring a consultant to come to your wastewater treatment plants beyond your budget?


We are developing a "virtual Audit" process that can bring the expertise and technical expertise to your plant without all the travel expenses and extra fees.


An onsite wastewater audit can add up to quite a bit of money. Travel expenses, hotel, hourly fees for consulting, not only travel time, onsite time, but report writing. How is it possible to get around all these costs, yet still help troubleshooting my plant?



We have "virtually audited numerous wastewater plants and cut the travel costs down. How does that work? You become part of the team. You become our eyes and ears. We have you submit a PFD of your plant, your lab data, walk through the plant and take photos of all the pieces of equipment as well as submit a sample to our lab for analyses of the biomass. A full report with process recommendations and troubleshooting results is generated using all of the variables.


At Environmental Leverage, we have a team of experienced individuals who come into your plant with a fresh pair of eyes.  The system is checked from influent to effluent.  System optimization, equipment efficiency and operational excellence are key components explored.

Smooth operation of a waste treatment plant is critical. Environmental compliance is a must. Operational costs are skyrocketing with new environmental regulations.  A complete wastewater audit of your plant can help identify opportunity areas for improvement. Troubleshooting minor problems and implementing process changes can help avoid major problems. Call us or email us at  to help with your wastewater needs.


Call or email now to find out more about scheduling an Onsite Audit or Virtual Audit at your own plant! 630-906-9791

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Lab services are usually an integral part of any audit. We typically recommend either a

1   Wastewater Biomass Analyses: Click this link or a

2   Filamentous Identification Analyses: Click this link

 of your Biomass to be performed prior to or during an onsite or virtual audit.


·         An in-depth report that examines microscopically the biomass of a wastewater treatment system in order to obtain a better understanding of the health and diversity of that wastewater treatment system at that time. This Lab report contains photomicrographs of the indicator organisms observed in the wastewater biomass in addition to corrective action recommendations.

Wastewater training is Critical


Wastewater Training Classes



Wastewater basics   How to use the microscopeVisual troubleshooting a wastewater lagoon



Check our schedule for upcoming classes or to volunteer to host a class at your site.


Continuing Education Units

Wastewater Training CEU's are available when applicable and can be used for Wastewater Operators Liscense and Drinking Water Liscense when applicable.

See Example for Drinking Water CEU's

See Example for Wastewater CEU's


 Online Wastewater Training ELearning

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 Since training is such an integral part of any wastewater system, we have been asked to develop an online wastewater training program with some of our materials. It is not always easy to get on a plane and attend a class. Now you will be able to take the class at your leisure from your home or office.

We are recieveing high regards for our Online Wastewater Training.
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Wastewater Training CD's